Yesterday’s now ~ is tomorrow’s yesterday

Date : 31/07/2022

Mind bendy, I know  ~  but stay with me  for a minute, please. Read it again, if need be. Mull it over, say it out loud even. Pondering life in such way stretches the imagination, and makes for a different way of thinking and behaving. A bit further outside the box. 

Separate from forces outside our control, our lives are pretty much the outcome of previous mind stuff repeating in our heads. Thoughts (whatever they are) coupled with our actions … and other deeply rooted behaviors, natürlich ~ of course. We know this. 

When considering our day to day lives and how we build momentum from one idea, moment, notion or action to the next. We can add to all the good stuff we already do. Ways we consume food, and take care of our bodies, how we treat one another and move through the world. The good rest we give ourselves, and intentions we make. All the things we do to move the needle of life in the direction we are choosing to go, where we would prefer to be and the journey taking us there. 

Feng Shui amplifies all the good stuff, and makes more potent the outcome, yo. It also reveals to us the glaring places of life in need of our loving attention, there is always a solution. Bottom line, it is always NOW.

If we are wanting to create a new dynamic for ourselves, those around us, the world at large ~ because it needs us to, wirklich – really. That dynamic could use more of a moment to moment awareness. To more effectively pave the way for how we wish to engage life. Feng Shui helps us cultivate conditions that enhance yesterday’s now, today’s tomorrow, and the next day.  Knowingly gives us a place to put it all, our foundational actions, I mean. Contain them and understand where it all resides. Keeping us grounded in our commitments to ourselves. Not in a compulsive or obsessive way. In a way instead, that captures our attention, so that we are better able to create monumental and dramatic, life altering change that we are fundamentally connected to. Big shifts, y’all. Thoughts and deeds that are each components of our actual, right now circumstances. 

Feng shui is aLwAYs available for us, a time honored vehicle for transformation. Always providing visual and energetic perspectives of where we stand in our process, our progress. Clearing our air, and our minds, offering clues to help stay on track, and get ourselves where we want to be. 

And the likelihood is that you are practicing its elemental principals without even knowing it. 

Why not actively, intentionally turn it UP. Invite it IN  and allow it to anchor and sway with you, FOR you.  There is perhaps nothing more important, than connecting with ways to support 

??your endeavors ~ 

??your desires ~ 

??your yesterdays ~

??your tomorrows ~

?your NOWS ~ make them count