Windows ~ flung wide open

Date : 25/07/2022

There is an inescapable allure, a wonderment conjured from that of windows flung wide open.

To ponder its inhabitants, noting again and again, how alike we humans are. Way more than we might be willing to admit.  All that wafts through with the simple story of an open window. There is much to glean ~

the desired relief of a summer’s breeze.

the cooling hint of excitement from a crisp scent of fall.

the quick frosty bite roaming in with a blast of winter’s edge.

the feeling of what may come with a breath of spring fluttering in.

Considering too, that windows in the practice, are seen (pun intended) as the eyes of a home, providing access to the outer world.

It brings such delight and fascination, I tell you. Catches me up in the same feelings of freedom and youth that ensues from a speedy, down hill bike ride on a sloping street. And then, I cannot help but wonder what its habitants are up to ~ mind you, without voyeuristic intent, please; I do not wish to actually see inside. But when music lilts through these open windows, or a faint exchange of words, conversations simple and complex. The clatter of dishes, the quiet of reading, dreaming, dancing, planning, plotting, playing, cleaning, lunch, music, sleep, working, listening, breakfast, disagreements, laundry, scrolling, make ups. Lights on and off – stillness even. It gives me a sense of closeness with those I do not know, a faraway intimacy, a brief familiarity – momentary. It is a wonderment of oneness that is undeniable.  

Of course, there are other human aspects offering the opportunity to ponder all this, I know.  However, to consider that so much of what we engage in – from the bottom up, is contained quite similarly, in our spaces. Bookend-like points of beginnings and endings to our day. This, this conjures a joyful sensibility of our shared stories, of our commonalities. Even more, somehow than any verbal exchange might do.

And I am left wondering if, in some homes, there are other humans who may also be engaging the bliss and brightness of an open window. You are, aren’t you?

There is great release of stagnation as this life-giving commodity called breath sweeps in and all about. The circulation of fresh chi that meanders, filtering its magical effects, distilling its particulates, empowering all that it touches – each encounter.

Might you, my fellow humans, also be actively choosing windows, flung wide open for Feng Shui sake? Welcoming untold benefits of freshly minted energy. The strengthened, supported possibility of a brand-new course to embark upon. There is perhaps nothing more alluring than this.