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Feng Shui has been truly impactful in my life, and for those I’ve had the privilege of sharing it with. I am twice certified in the BTB school of the practice, and a member of the International Feng Shui Guild. For much of life, I have called Brooklyn my home, and I love it. It is where I raised (and continue raising) my adulting daughter and son. It is where I have cultivated strong friendships + had wonderful experiences. During the course of my life, I have had the opportunity to travel globally, and now divide my time between Brooklyn and Bern, Switzerland. I’m delighted to be here, at this pivotal place in life.

Susan Daily

susan daily
certified feng shui practitioner

I can remember, from the earliest of early, the desire to create order from what seemed to be disorder. As though I might find a greater sense of grounding, stability and ease of being.

I remember as well, all the homes my family and I lived in (mom and sisters) growing up. How my mother would seek to beautify each one as best she could. I think this is at the root of it, this is where it began.

Owning and operating Chestnut, a successful Brooklyn restaurant for 8 years, provided an excellent opportunity to allow for creative expression in a variety of ways. Designing the space from the ground up was a labor of love and it expanded to the folks who dined there. Creating experiences came naturally for me and it was genuine. As the restaurant’s front of the house, staging and creating spaces to celebrate life’s milestones, suited me well. I really enjoyed participating in this way, and it left me wanting more.

After Chestnut, I continued working in hospitality as an event planner; from restaurants, to museums and corporate settings. Fine enough but pretty exhausting, and it led to my parting ways with the industry altogether. There was still an incurable desire to evoke change, but different – in more of an integral + soul supportive way.

In early 2014, while looking through a catalogue for a local wellness center, I came across an accredited course called “Feng Shui Tools for Abundant Living”. As I read the course description, there was a sense of familiarity, like I’d been feng shui-ing through much of life, and just didn’t know it. I find that this is the case for many people attracted to the practice.

Later that year, I was invited to join Design Within Reach, a midcentury modern hub for all the best design classics of that time. I was surrounded by some of the most beautiful works of art in the form of furniture created by iconic names in the genre.

Working together with clients to appoint their homes and spaces and provide design solutions was a good fit. Navigating site visits, creating floor plans, and working with developers, architects and interior designers sharpened my awareness. And I always felt this connection to that ancient practice, to that original encounter with feng shui. The desire for an ease of being in one’s space is ever present, in my work and at home.