Feng Shui

in a daily-way

I imagine, since you’ve found yourself here, there is a good chance you have a general notion of Feng Shui. This is as good a place as any to start.

 In its actual translation, from Chinese ~

風 Feng = Wind ~ Unseen

水 Shui = Water ~ Seen

This philosophy, this ancient practice, is steeped in thousands upon thousands of years of wisdom and has its origins in China primarily, as well as Tibet and India. At its essence, it is the art of placement; buildings, objects + space. It is astute awareness, and the ways in which we can actively choose to interact with our environments. Each day, beckoning the change we wish to experience in our lives; beginning at the most auspicious places, within our spaces. It is an everyday dialogue, and becomes innate over time, occurring at each moment, building momentum + firing synapses. It has its roots in Taoism, a philosophy steeped in the order of nature, the source by which all things come into existence.

  • Choosing to participate in a daily-way, so to speak, encourages us to maintain harmonious, intentional flow and healthful interaction of chi (life force) within our spaces, places and lives.
  • Choosing to participate in a daily-way, creates pathways, neuron-like arteries meandering metaphorically throughout. Urging our homes and lives to energetically connect in a way that supports our endeavors.
  • Choosing to participate in a daily-way helps to forge, nourish + maintain our spaces and places throughout our days and lives. And in this fashion, life begins to percolate in a very different way.

We are provided with foundational aspects, via introduction of the bagua. It is a template or map of the eight (ba) areas (gua) positioned around the center – tai chi. We become more interactively connected to the components of our daily-way that include:

fortunate blessings, abundance,

~ hsun

fame, recognition, reputation,

~ li

romance, relationship, love,

~ kun

new beginnings, family
~ chen

health, wellbeing
~ tai chi

children, creativity, joy
~ dui

wisdom, self-cultivation, spirituality
~ gen

career, journey, life path
~ kan

helpful people, travel
~ chyan

Through Feng Shui, we fortify these areas of our lives, creating greater possibility for successful, joyful outcomes.

frequency + ease of being

When we move through our home intentionally, our experience with it becomes more intrinsic. Shifting physically, symbolically, metaphorically, and rhythmically in our favor. Becoming a more readily available topic of our daily-way conversation.

Slender threads weaving themselves, receiving sensory input from us. Moving simultaneously toward a similarly desired outcome. Like a network of neuron-like components forging a path and making their way. And life, it begins to align with our desires, with more frequency + ease of being.

in your best interest

Tuning in to the ways we occupy our spaces from a Feng Shui state of mind, provides a valuable skill set. With it, we are better equipped to build and sustain durable, ever evolving, energetically dynamic places. From this vantage point, we can better initiate our lives, evoke change + thrive with greater ease + authenticity.

Thoughtful observation of the landscape – whether it be home, garden or work space, coupled with the energetic wisdom imbued via bagua knowledge, adds to the skill set. It is a navigational tool, like a compass – a north star.

This is at the core of the practice. Interacting in a daily-way lays the tracks, building the groundwork of consistency. It’s a kind of spatial soulprint ~ as I like to call it, for living and it helps with attracting the desired outcome,

The practice focuses on how an environment is experienced by the humans inhabiting, + interacting within it. The practice is an extension of us, operating like an additional sensory perception, beyond the 5 of smell, touch, taste, sight  + sound.

astute awareness – it’s harmony

With astute awareness – a kind of heightened focus, we begin to understand the co-relation between the energies of wind + water, for example, the unseen + seen. We begin to see how this awareness can be optimized, and seamlessly woven into our day to day lives. It is a foundational aspect.

  • it is the balance flowing between yin + yang
  • it is the balance flowing between specificity + subtlety
  • it is the balance flowing between heaven + earth
  • it is the balance flowing between all things + only just one

It is the energy existing within the spaces of perception, and the variety of ways we may utilize it.

the intentional home – it’s a process

And it is about recognizing, with a keen eye, the relationship between ourselves and our spaces. There are a bevy of resources we can tap as often as we like, and… they tap back. Benevolently offering clues + cues, tips + tools, ways we can support and bolster our endeavors. Feng Shui is akin to what yoga is for the body, what meditation is for the mind. It provides::

  • daily-ways large and small that are empowered and empowering.
  • daily-ways to help us make more informed and impactful decisions.
  • daily-ways to jump start life, the way we would like it to be.

One might consider it like base camp, a kind of command central.The very place from which most of our day to day is cultivated. The very place we likely spend most of our time. It is no wonder then, how much potential it holds.

We introduce texture, shape, fabrics, patterns, lighting, color and so much more, to interpret the language and art of Feng Shui. Ultimately, as it unfolds in your space, we optimize all that can be gleaned from this dynamic flux + flow. The flux + flow that we, our very own selves, participate in creating.

And then, we may even find ourselves poised at this most fortunate place. The place where opportunity + preparedness cross paths. They are intrinsic to one another, and we can find our way there.

Can we get there without the practice? Maybe, but Feng Shui ups the ante, and makes the journey that much more interesting, layered + textured. It makes it joyful, playful, intentional, soulful … and you get there with the momentum of a practice steeped in a historic resonance like no other.

Feng Shui, in its essence is the harmonious co-mingling of healthy, free flowing energies. Stoking its potential to express itself … in our spaces and thus, our lives.

It is the daily-way, it is your super power, use it for good.