a few reviews from my clients

Gail W.


I have lived by the concept that everything is energy. I just didn’t realize that the concept could and should also extend to the space in which you live.

Susan jumped in with open arms, patience, curiosity and kindness. She asked me to do a floor plan of my apartment.

She listened and in a soft non pushy way and said, no pressure but I think you might benefit from Feng Shui … I can give you some tools to make some changes to help move the energy…totally up to you.”

We walked through my space and she explained every area and what it represented. It became a walking meditation… it began to speak to me and then to sing. My space started telling a story.  It was telling the story of my life as it looked at that moment. It sang my work life, it sang my health, it sang my relationships, it sang my family, it sang … EVERYTHING.

My helpful people corner was full of dust and clutter, my spiritual space had dried flowers. And don’t even get me started on my romantic relationship space; perhaps the most challenging of all. Full of family staring at my bed and all things representing a single life. I had work to do and it ALL FELT OVERWHELMING. But also made soooo much sense. My external world was a mirror of my life and my space was a map of all of it.

She immediately helped me to start making small changes (all at my pace) and before she left, I was on the path!

With her guidance, I have made huge leaps. I’ve moved energy to help me leave a job that had stopped serving me long ago. I’ve moved energy to find support to begin the foundation to start my own company. I’ve moved energy to get my health in order and so many other things that are unfolding as I write this. Even the whisper of a dating life that is starting to bloom for the first time in I can’t say how long (didn’t see that coming).

Feng Shui Daily Way is the way! Let Susan Daily help guide your steps to work with the energy in your space as a tool to move your life. Moving your life in the positive directions you intend it to go.

Paul G.


It has been a pleasure working with Susan in transitioning my home. Susan’s expertise as a feng shui practitioner has tied up loose ends both mentally and physically and has opened many doors in my professional life.

Room by room Susan will identify the bagua “feng shui energy” into areas of your home. Each area will be categorized by shape, color or a specific element.

Once the FS principals are applied you and your home will transition with positive energy and your home will become more fluid.

Susan will guide you through and set the framework to what I believe is life changing.

S. Ghosh


Susan has helped me so much. Now I see the spaces in my home, my surroundings, my belongings, in a completely different way. It has made me happy to be aware of what is in my apartment and what I can do to feel better in my space, which in turn affects my life in a positive way.

I didn’t know much about Feng Shui and Susan is an excellent teacher who understands this philosophy in such away that she can interpret and adapt to every person’s needs incorporating it easily into our modern lives. I highly recommend talking to her when you feel you would like a change or a new way to be in your living space.

Susan H.


Working together with Susan was a fantastic experience. Very inspiring, and great fun as well.

Not only did she quickly capture how I wanted to inhabit my home and the essence of how I wanted tit to feel, but she accompanied me in a practical way. Her broad thinking translated into a gradual integration of Feng Shui into my everyday life. This, along with her VerbalVignettes for example, provided a personalized way to use the philosophy in my new home.

Susan provided me with tools to weave a personalized practice at my own pace in my daily life, which will be a lifelong treasure for me.

I can highly recommend working together with Susan.