we begin together

The following phases apply primarily to consults for individuals and their homes. Consultations for larger projects with architects, interior designers, and real estate professionals, may differ depending on the need and scope. Either way, please be in touch for consults of any nature, they are most welcome, and I’d love to hear from you.

Phase One

Let’s schedule a chat …

A free 30-minute consult is a great way to start. We’ll get better acquainted and contemplate general areas of concern.

Phase Two

Sketch your floor plan …

You’ll create a simple floor plan of your space, and all the major furnishings, beds, sofas, tables, etc. It will serve as an essential tool for you. A basis for next steps on your path, and a most important point of reference. I will return it to you with an overlay of the bagua map, clearly depicting each area. This will help you to best understand where in your home the guas (areas) reside. We’ll use this as the template for your journey.

Phase Three

Arrange a home visit …

We dive in and explore your space together. Initial assessment, time-wise, will vary depending on size and scope. After considering the best approach, we further contemplate

  • The Bagua, where it orients, and its components
  • The 5 Elements; Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood. We’ll focus on how they articulate and are represented
  • Clutter, the importance of why it really must to be tamed, and how to consciously diffuse it.
  • Chi (life force) and the imperative of creating healthy flow so it generates and moves with the utmost ease + effectiveness
  • Rituals, the usefulness and joy of creating them, and ways to weave them into your daily-way practice.
  • Using the Bagua map, we discover locations of the 3 most prevalent areas of life you’d like to get to first.
  • Subsequent to this home visit, I will present a written assessment and the Bagua & Corresponding Characteristics (B&CC). This is a more comprehensive map outlining detailed attributes of the previously mentioned, areas of life. We will review aspects of each, then contemplate more in depth ways to address and adjust the “3 most prevalent”.

Phase Four

Then we follow up …

This happens shortly after phase three. It is just the right time to pivot and embark on these next transitional steps. Specific written guidance on how to implement cures & remedies for each of these most prevalent guas (areas), will be shared during this time.

Of course, every one of the areas on the bagua are of equal importance. So, once we have fine tuned your awareness of the “3 most prevalent” of the moment, we’ll spend a bit of time addressing the other 6. And at this juncture, all these fresh Feng Shui synapses + neurons are energetically lit and ready to start activating your space. The newly acquired gua wherewithal serves you well.

Once we’ve moved through this phase, you will still have an additional 2 weeks within which questions are answered, and guidance provided.

at client, Dawn M.’s home.

grow your roots deep

Discover ways to expand your newly acquired practice. To extend and strengthen those slender threads connecting you to your space, and your intended outcome.

You will find VerbalVignettes a useful resource to add to your toolkit.

connecting the dots

Over time, you will become fluent in implementing the language + art of your daily-way Feng Shui practice. It evolves and deepens with every single intentional act. Life flows in more rhythmic ways; akin to a melody, poem, or dance. It becomes like a canvas, and allows for the broad + fine strokes of life. Fluency of the language will occur, use of time-honored methods of adjustment will set in and your daily-way becomes second nature.

Over time, you will cultivate an assuredness. You become knowledgeable in ways to most effectively articulate + interpret your space. The art of placement plays a featured role. It offers the introduction of whimsy + pragmatism. Myriad ways to strengthen or diminish specific aspects or elements of a gua (area). Once set into motion, your home begins to hum + share its knowledge, using the valuable tools and insights of Feng Shui. And you will see just how interestingly your environment, inner and outer, responds.

Over time, you lay the groundwork, cultivating the consistent fruition of life’s wonders. In this way, we place ourselves at a cosmic crossroad; a place where opportunity + preparedness meet up. And this is where the magic kicks in.

After having a bit of time to download + assimilate, I find that most folks are quite ready for what lies ahead, and eager to implement tangible change. Together we explore each of the attributes associated with the “3 most prevalent guas” as discussed in phase three. We cover just how varied the ways are in which to approach specific areas of your space, and then … put them into action.