Chi ~ letting it flow

Date : 03/07/2022

When pondering the notion of chi, often defined as “vital life force or life’s breath” ~ the force that encompasses and binds all energies, all things. It can be quite the realization. The energetic underpinnings of the seen + unseen, macro + micro is everywhere.

When coming to this awareness, and contemplating how chi can move in a most healthful way. Thereby imbuing its dwelling with the best and most fertile soil to dream in, then we are on really good footing. I imagine this awareness may also help encourage the importance of mitigating and reducing clutter, thus allowing for chi to actually do its thing. This is when it is at its most happy, most flourishing, most vibrant self. When given the space to move, and meander in its best expression of itself, whatever that may be, that is a thing to behold.

To this end, we can also address chi as it relates to clutter or vice versa. We may consider how to tamp clutter down, just for the sake of doing it, which is good. Creating less visual and spatial distraction, and thereby welcoming as much order to life as possible, like Marie Kondo suggests. This is a major Plus, with a capital P, we can all agree.  

And when also introducing into the mix, the feng shui substrata ~ as is defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary as “the material of which something is made and from which it derives its special qualities”. Whoa, then we are really onto something.

When applied here, by turning on the deep foundational undercurrent of feng shui, its value is immeasurable. We are able to more thoroughly activate all areas of the bagua map, because now there is space for chi to flow ~ to go unfettered and unobstructed. Well – that is a sweet spot.

Which is not to say this sweet spot is a one and done kind of prospect, folks. Our dailyway engagement is what keeps it moving, every day.  It’s what gives it parameter and form. Corralling it so to speak, so that it does not generate all willy nilly; but instead with the directional and intentional integrity of its inhabitants. Those coaxing it… you, and me.  

When given the freedom to roam within these intentional pathways, its depth and breadth works wonders. Tapping and energizing as many nooks and crannies as many spaces as possible. This leaves room for magical things to happen. For the chi flow to flex its muscle in all of life’s relatable bagua aspects … and all of its in betweens. It is most happy, most flourishing, most vibrant when it is given the space to move. To meander where it wants to go, and in its best expression of itself, whatever that may be.

Knowing that healthy chi is the Yin and Yang. The this and that, the up and down, the on and off. All things and no thing. Knowing this gives us a fuller scope of its brilliance, and within that, the range of its magnitude. How we can parlay to actively and positively create our environments ~ internally and externally. There is the potential for us to tip the scales of harmony and balance, so that it works for us and in our best interest.